About Us


SingaporeWebsiteBrokerage.com is the first registered website broker and consulting firm based in Singapore. We specialise in helping entrepreneurs sell profitable and established websites including, but not limited to:

  • Affiliate
  • E-Commerce
  • SaaS / software-based
  • Content websites, and others

We focus on giving you the best customer service you can have. Our dedicated website brokers will meet up with both sellers and buyers over coffee, to provide valuation and consulting service. We understand that each transaction must be handled in a smooth, safe and comfortable way for both parties.

We have access to buyers with potential budgets of between S$10k and S$1M+ with interests in online businesses that expands to various industry types.

SingaporeWebsiteBrokerage.com offers FREE valuation and consulting services to our customers. We can advice the financials, website traffic and analytics of your online business.

Why Us?


  • Singapore’s first registered website broker.
  • Dedicated broker and support team.
  • No upfront cost required. We take a reasonable commission from every sale.
  • Valuation multiples at market rates.

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